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Are you looking for a Sheltie in or near Ohio? 
Call Armitage Shelties at 740-707-7781 or

    1 1/2 hours from Columbus, Ohio
    2 1/2 hours from Cincinnati or Dayton, Ohio
    3 1/2 hours from Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh
    5 1/2 hours from the Maryland - District of Columbia Area
    5 1/2 hours from the Greensboro, North Carolina Area
    6 hours from Charlotte, NC
    Shipping Is Available at Buyer's Expense

Armitage Shetland Sheepdogs offers Sheltie puppies and adults for sale occasionally.  We are a breeder of AKC conformation champions, and AKC performance title holders.  We have sables, tricolors, bi-blacks, bi-blues, and occasionally color-headed white Shelties for sale. 


  • Affordable prices on healthy Sheltie puppies and adults
  • All Sheltie puppies and adults have had a physical exam by our longtime family veterinarian
  • Routine Genetic Testing done on all of our Shelties
  • CERF Eye Exams performed on all puppies before they are offered for sale
  • Written health and temperament guarantee
  • Helpful online Sheltie resources, such as the All Shelties Social Network, Sheltie Ear Training Supplies and links to other Sheltie breeders
  • Boarding and grooming services for Shelties that are free from internal/external parasites
  • See more information about Armitage Shelties at

Armitage Shelties is Located Near Athens, Ohio
1 1/2 hours SE of Columbus, Ohio
3 1/2 hours South of Cleveland, Ohio
3 1/2 hours SE of Toledo, Ohio
2 1/2 hours East of Cincinnati, Ohio
2 1/2 hours SE of Dayton, Ohio
45 minutes from Parkersburg, WV
5 1/2 hours from Washington, DC - Maryland
5 1/2 hours from Greensboro, NC